EHA 2019 Multiple Myeloma – congress guide

13th–16th June 2019 – Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Biomarkers & technological advances
Treatment advances
Patient factors
Management advances
Tumour biology

Thursday 13th June (Pre-conference Satellite Symposia)

08:00–09:30 - Hall 5
HEADS - The value of collaborative research in hematology: bringing industry and scientific groups closer towards a common goal

Chair: M Boccadoro

10:15–11:45 - Auditorium
CELGENE – Discovery of the therapeutic synergies leveraging the immune system against MM

Chair: J San Miguel

12:30–14:00 - Elicium 2
AMGEN – Rebooting the MM treatment programme

Chair: J San Miguel

12:30–14:00 - Hall 5
JANSSEN – MM at the cutting-edge: What are the challenges we face today in our clinical practice?

Chair: T Facon

14:45–16:15 - Forum Hall
SANOFI GENZYME – Management of RRMM with novel monocloncal antibody-based regimens: an interactive conversation with the experts

Chair: P Richardson

14:45–16:15 - Hall 3A
MEDSCAPE ONCOLOGY – Real-world treatment of RRMM: Clinical trials vs clinical practice

Chair: G Jackson

17:00–18:45 - Auditorium
MEDSCAPE ONCOLOGY – Building a better foundation: targeting apoptosis to enhance outcomes in RRMM

Chair: S Kumar

19:15–20:45 - Amtrium
GSK – The evolving immunotherapy landscape in RRMM

Chair: S Lonial

19:15–20:45 - Hall 3B
ONCOPEPTIDES – Challenging the treatment paradigm in MM

Chair: X Leleu

Friday 14th June

8:30–9:30 - Hall G106
Aging and hematology: Immunosenescence and immune recovery in older patients

Chair: D Bron

8:30–9:30 - Hall G104
Clonal heterogeneity

Chair: H Avet Loiseau

9:45–10:45 - Hall E106
Resistance mechanisms to novel anti-MM agents

Chair: N Weinhold

11:30–12:30 - Emerald
Optimal sequencing in relapsed/refractory myeloma

Chair: F Gay

11:30–12:45 - Elicium 1
New biological and translational insights into MM

Chairs: H Avet-Loiseau & N van de Donk

13:00–14:15 - Hall 5
Opening Ceremony and Award Lectures

Chair: P Sonneveld

14:30–15:30 - Forum Hall
EHA-JSH Joint Symposium: Cell based therapeutic on the move

Chairs: J Gribben & K Akashi

14:30–15:30 - Hall 5
MGUS with clinical significance

Chair: N van de Donk

15:45–17:15 - Hall 5
Presidential Symposium

Chairs: P Sonneveld & MV Mateos

17:30–18:30 - Elicium 1
EHA Topics-in-Focus: CAR T

Chair: H Einsele

17:30–19:00 - Poster area
Poster session: Myeloma and other monoclonal gammopathies – Biology & Translational Research

Saturday 15th June

08:00–09:00 - Hall 3A
Multiple myeloma: Novel outcome endpoints in trials and in daily practice

Chair: M Delforge

9:05–10:10 - Elicium 1
EHA-ISLH Laboratory Diagnosis Workshop – Part 2: MRD diagnostics: Added value of monitoring circulating tumour cells in blood

Chairs: A Orfao & M Kneba

9:45–10:45 - Hall G104
Immune therapies for hematologic disorders: Novel T cell redirecting strategies

Chair: H Einsele

9:45–11:15 - Auditorium
Multiple myeloma

Chair: S Zweegman

11:30–12:45 - Auditorium
Immunotherapy in relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma

Chairs: A Larocca & E Ocio

13:00–14:30 - Hall 5
Plenary Session 1 and Awards

Chairs: P Sonneveld & MV Mateos

14:45–15:45 - Elicium 2
New agents, new toxicities

Chair: M Federico

14:45–15:45 - Hall E102
EHA-EANM Joint Symposium: FDG PET/CT in Multiple Myeloma: a useful tool?

Chair: TBA

17:30–19:00 - Amtrium
CELGENE – Integrating CAR-T cell therapies into the management of haematological malignancies

Chair: U Vitolo

17:30–19:00 - Hall 3A
OCTAPHARMA – Advancing the management of secondary immunodeficiencies in haematological malignancies

Chairs: O A Cornely & I-K Na

17:30–19:00 - Poster area
Poster session: Myeloma and other monoclonal gammopathies – clinical

Sunday 16th June

8:00–9:15 - Auditorium
Novel strategies in multiple myeloma

Chairs: S Zweegman & F Gay

9:30–10:30 - Hall E103
Quality of life and symptoms: Present and future of patient reported outcome measures in hematology

Chair: E Laane

9:30–11:00 - Elicium 2
Multiple myeloma (repeat session)

Chair: S Zweegman

11:15–12:45 - Elicium 1
Stem cell transplantation

Chair: NPM Schaap

11:15–12:45 - Hall 5
Late-Breaking Oral Session

Chairs: MV Mateos & K Porkka

13:00–14:30 - Hall 5
Plenary Session 2: New treatment strategies in multiple myeloma

Chairs: P Sonneveld & J Gribben

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